Integrating EE into the 10YFP on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

Workshop Agenda

Day 1:  8 September 2016

1. Survey results & agenda
Cecilia Lopez y Royo & Nora Steurer, UN Environment/10YFP Secretariat

2. Energy Efficiency and the 10 YFP
Vijay M Deshpande & Jyoti Prasad Painuly, Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency, UNEP DTU Partnership

3. Best-practice policies for energy efficiency
Djaheezah Subratty, UN Environment

4. Energy efficiency incentives in public procurement
Farid Yaker, Programme Officer, UN Environment

5. Energy Efficiency in Buildings and construction - Activities and lessons learnt
Guillaume de Laboulaye, ENERGIES 2050

6. Energy Efficiency in Buildings -Unlock investments in local markets
Roland Hunziker, WBCSD

7. Behavioural insights for energy efficiency in buildings
Professor Kirsten Gram-Hanssen, Danish building research institute, Århus University

8. UN Environment’s Strategy for Increasing Investment Flows to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies 
Ghita Hannane, UN Environment

9. Solutions to energy efficiency investment barriers: case of Indian AgDSM project
Vijay M Deshpande & Thomas Thorsch Krader, Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency, UNEP DTU Partnership

Day 2: 9 September 2016

1. Accelerating Energy Efficiency - The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy for All's Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform
Mark Lister, Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

2. Integrating Energy Efficiency into the 10YFP with United for Efficiency-en.lighten - A triple win for customers, society and economy
Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public & Government Affairs, Philips Lighting

3. CTCN : Overview and Engagement Possibilities
Andreas Karlsen, Climate Technology Specialist, CTCN

4. Financing of NAMAs and INDCs in relation to 10YFP sectors
Milan Rusnak, UNEP DTU Partnership

5. Funding Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Projects
Thomas Thorsch Krader, Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency

6. Climate Smart Investment for Energy & Resource Efficiency in Tourism Services (CLIEnTS) - A concept proposal for investing in energy efficiency lighting and appliances in the Caribbean
Deirdre Shurland, Senior Consultant, UN Environment

7. Group work presentation - Mainstreaming Energy Efficiency into the 10YFP SLE Programme

8. Group work presentation - Consumer Information Programme







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