SEforAll Partner Publications

Below you can find publications from SEforAll Partner organizations:

The Emissions Gap Report 2016 - A UNEP Synthesis Report
UNEP, 2016






Global Fuel Economy - An update for COP2
Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GEFI), 2016







Global Status Report 2016 for the Building Sector







Energy Efficiency Market Report 2016







2015 Clean Energy Investments Project Summaries
Asia Development Bank (ADB), 2016






Energy Efficiency in China 2016 - Special Report
IEA, 2016






Renewables 2016 - Global Status Report
REN21, 2016






Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Asia - Trends, Impacts, and Reforms - Integrative Report
Asia Development Bank (ADB), 2016






Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - Regional Status Report 2016 - East African Community (EAC)
REN21 and UNIDO, 2016






Sustainable Energy for All - Tracking Progress in Asia and the Pacific - A Summary Report
Asia Development Bank(ADB), 2015






Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency
IEA, 2015






SE4All Advisory Board’s Finance Committee Report on Scaling Up Finance for Sustainable Energy Investments
SEforALL, 2015



Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report - 2015 - South African Development Community (SADC)
REN21, UNIDO, and SADC, 2015






UNECE Renewable Energy Status Report
UNECE & REN21, 2015






Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report
ECREEE, REN21, and UNIDO, 2014






Progress Towards Sustainable Energy 2015 - Global Tracking Framework Report
SEforALL, 2015






Status of Play - Sustainable Building in Latin America

UNEP, 2014






Global Tracking Framework

World Bank, 2013






Energy Efficiency - Lessons Learned from Success Stories
World Bank, 2013







Handbook of Sustainable Building Policies - Composing Building Blocks 
UNEP, 2013







Policy Options to Overcome Barriers to Industrial Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries
UNIDO Working Paper, 2011







Energy efficiency in developing countries for the manufacturing sector
UNIDO Working Paper, 2011







Barriers to Energy Efficiency: International Case Studies on Successful Barrier Removal
UNIDO Working Paper, 2011







Financing Energy Efficiency - Lessons Learned from Brazil, China, Indian and Beyond
World Bank, 2008







UNEP Handbook for Drafting Laws on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources
UNEP, 2007











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