What We Do

Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (Copenhagen Centre) tailors its activities under three strategic functions, currently oriented in support of the UN Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) initiative, in its role as the SEforALL Energy Efficiency Hub:

Global Champion on Energy Efficiency

The Copenhagen Centre supports the UN Environment to promote energy efficiency policies and programmes through the provision of analysis of key action areas, as well as, through reaching out to private sector actors and engage them in emerging and ongoing international cooperative initiatives on various sectors. The Copenhagen Centre will also support the Energy Efficiency Committee of the SEforALL Advisory Board, providing technical backstop for their meetings.

In addition, the Copenhagen Centre supports the SEforALL Global Tracking Framework through dissemination of best practices on data collection of energy efficiency indicators in developing countries and emerging economies. In addition, the Copenhagen Centre plans to launch an annual flagship report on the status of energy efficiency worldwide, and provide practical advice on the needed action to bridge the gap towards achieving the SEforALL energy efficiency goal.

Analytical Support on Energy Efficiency

The Copenhagen Centre provides support to governments from developing countries and emerging economies through analysis of high-impact opportunities to advance energy efficiency improvements, analysis of best practices on policy and programme implementation, and by serving as a clearinghouse for technical assistance. In this last function, the Copenhagen Centre provides a platform to match country assistance requests with service providers with expertise in a particular energy efficiency area.

Energy Efficiency Knowledge Platform and Network

The Copenhagen Centre will provide a curated knowledge base on various topics related to energy efficiency, and a platform where users can effectively transfer knowledge and best practices, build new knowledge and build their own capacities. The Copenhagen Centre's knowledge platform has been conceptualized to provide applied guidance to policymakers and government officials in developing countries and emerging economies, including toolkits and best practices in policy and programme implementation, as well as, information on finance and funding sources.




16 JUNE 2019